Senior Living EHR Software

Caregivers at senior living & long term care facilities struggle to find the balance between maintaining dignity and independence for residents and delivering quality care.

The right tools help them get there. With our software, you can elevate care and improve your day-to-day operations.

HOW our software HELPS

When you use our software for senior living, you can:


Speed up the admissions process


Boost customer satisfaction


Reduce double
data entry

The Software Solution You Need

At Collain Healthcare, we do things a little differently because we understand that finding the right EHR software to fit your needs can seem impossible. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide innovative long-term care and post-acute EHR software solutions that will help you succeed in the senior living sector.

"Utilization of the Collain software from our end users experience has been outstanding. Due to the ease of use we can gather the data we need to assist our facilities in improving quality outcomes. The openness to listen to your customers has played a huge role in our success. We look forward to continuing to grow with you in this changing industry."
Penny Marshall
StoneGate Senior Living