Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

Analytics and business intelligence (BI) customizes your data so you can make decisions to drive the compliance, quality, profitability, and performance of your business.


When you use our analytics and business intelligence (BI), you can:


compliance requirements


Improve performance



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The Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) You Need

"Utilization of the Collain software from our end users experience has been outstanding. Due to the ease of use we can gather the data we need to assist our facilities in improving quality outcomes. The openness to listen to your customers has played a huge role in our success. We look forward to continuing to grow with you in this changing industry."
Penny Marshall, RN
StoneGate Senior Living
"We have had surveys in almost all of centers either during or since implementation and have not had any negative survey outcomes resulting from the eHR product and in most cases the eHR has proved to support us during survey. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Collain as an eHR partner."
Sylvia Rowe
Ethica Health & Retirement