Skilled Nursing EHR Software

The old notion of “long-term care” is quickly being replaced by “transitional care.”

As patients move from one care setting to another, clinicians must quickly pull together all available information to make fast decisions upon which lives depend. With our software, you can seamlessly move through your days with the accurate data you need.

HOW our software HELPS

When you use our software for skilled nursing, you can:


Gain up to 10% more in justifiable reimbursement


Experience 50% faster documentation


Take care quality to new heights

The Software Solution You Need

At Collain Healthcare, we do things a little differently because we understand that finding the right EHR software to fit your needs can seem impossible. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide innovative long-term and post-acute EHR software solutions that will help you succeed in the skilled nursing sector.

“The way it just goes along with their workflow I think is huge because what that allowed us to do is gather more data. The easier we make it for them, the more data we’re going to get.”
Penny Marshall
Director of Clinical IT