Collain Healthcare Strengthens Position in LTPAC with Patents for Point-of-Care Solution

July 24, 2018 – Collain Healthcare, a leading EHR and technology provider in the longterm and post-acute care industry, has received two patents for progressive technology embedded in its Smart Point-of-Care Solution (POCS).

The Smart Point-of-Care Solution is the first fully-featured mobile platform developed for long-term and post-acute care settings, including assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, to empower caregivers to deliver accurate patient-centered care and communication within a facility.

The first patented technology, U.S. Pat. 9894503, covers a smart emergency call management routing system that identifies the emergency status of a call, who has placed the call and who has received the call.

The second patented technology, U.S. Pat. 9824234, covers data security technology to safeguard patient health information on the POCS network—not only the server database but also information stored on hand-held and mobile devices when disconnected from the network. The security protocols monitor for valid user access, connectivity and session timeouts, and alerting IT Administrators to unauthorized access attempts.

The technology allows authorized caregivers to have access to patient information at the point of care while preventing others from accessing patient information located on a POC device or data in transit.

“Our customers and their caregivers are the core of the long-term and post-acute care industry and providing them the appropriate digital health tools is essential to evolving our industry towards datadriven, risk-informed, patient-centered care,” says Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer for Collain Healthcare. “With our secure, smart mobile point-of-care solutions, we are creating unique data-collection opportunities in a critical part of the care continuum. Together with our Electronic Health Records platform, Interoperability Data Layer and Population Health Management solutions, we are partnering with innovative and forward-thinking organizations to collect, analyze and leverage a wealth of data into actionable insights which in turn will improve patient care and our industry beyond EHR and towards meaningful digital health.”

With several other patents pending, Collain Healthcare continues to be the leading innovator in this sector.