StoneGate Senior Living Case Study


As ADL accuracy increases and overtime falls, StoneGate Senior Living takes outcomes to unprecedented levels and readies for payment changes to come.

In a world where collaboration and outcomes are increasingly rewarded across a continuum of care, leadership at StoneGate advanced a vision for technology to empower teams to be ready.

The Challenge

StoneGate evaluated more than 10 EHR systems and struggled to find just the right one. Dianne Sullivan, VP of Quality and Clinical Support, recalled “Systems seemed to be organized around reimbursement first, with clinical as an afterthought. Instead, we wanted a transparent system organized around resident and patient outcomes – surrounded by smart, intuitive, and natural workflows.”

The Solution

StoneGate engaged Collain Healthcare, a leader in global healthcare solutions for maximizing efficiencies, to harmonize workflows for clinicians, physicians, therapy, billing, claims, pharmacy, labs, and more. Modern workflows and modern IT were married with best practices in evidence-based medicine.


"Utilization of the Collain software from our end users experience has been outstanding. Due to the ease of use we can gather the data we need to assist our facilities in improving quality outcomes. The openness to listen to your customers has played a huge role in our success. We look forward to continuing to grow with you in this changing industry."
Penny Marshall, RN
StoneGate Senior Living

John Paul Taylor, COO, added “We couldn’t get a clear roadmap from those we evaluated. None of them presented us with a compelling vision for the rapidly evolving post-acute care industry.”


“We were introduced to Collain Healthcare and had this amazing opportunity presented to us…to optimize our workflows with an eye toward future challenges in the industry. It’s not often you have that chance, and we dove right in,” explained Taylor.

About StoneGate

33 Communities across TX and OK

To provide care, services and housing that effectively meets the wants, needs and expectations of aging Americans, their families and our valued business partners.


Results with
Collain Healthcare





“Transparency is key in the new world order of healthcare and Collain Healthcare is ready like no other system.”
John Paul Taylor, COO
StoneGate Senior Living

Higher ADL scores over previous EHRs

Cut the time nurses spend in front of screens in half with better workflows