Top 3 Ways Collain Fusion Can Make Your Data Integration & Synchronization Experience Better

Data integration can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. It can take several employees days to develop a report for the end of the month while switching back and forth between programs. Collain Fusion is a functional data convergence solution that allows programs to interact. It creates one space to view all aspects of the medical and financial files needing to be reviewed including billing, medical documentation, and compliance requirements, which cuts down on wasted time and maximizes productivity. 

  1. Compliance

A HIPAA audit can take place at any time, and outside of that being a stressful experience and lingering concern, your day-to-day operations should be smooth and secure. That means your documentation should be correct, protected, and easy for staff to access — and not just for your organization, but for the other healthcare organizations your patient visits. Without secure programming to assist in the gathering of information and documentation, it’s difficult to ensure compliance. However, tools like Collain Fusion come with built-in features that make it easy to maintain compliance and get the peace of mind you deserve. 

  1. Medical Documentation

When looking at a single line of business EHR system, there’s usually a drawback, or an aspect of interoperability that doesn’t work well with the current system. When data integration fails, the team is then tasked with putting the pieces together manually. What you need is a solution that will seamlessly move from one system to another, without issue.

When documentation is the difference between giving one medication versus another, or medications already prescribed, the need for a swift and complete system to give you a complete patient longitudinal record  is of utmost importance. The ability to have a complete medical record frequently updated for competent treatment is part of what drives the rights of the patient

Aside from updated, easy-to-access information, a single patient file is easier to print for patient’s records, share with other providers, or integrate other providers’ systems for online sharing. Rather than going through several systems to create a complete account of the patient’s records, Collain Fusion lets you put the entirety of their care in one place. 

  1. Billing Integration

Many doctors have a completely different system in place to schedule patients and complete their billing without errors. This leads to inaccurate billing codes, displaced patients billing records, and incomplete billing. In order to operate a separate system of billing and scheduling, you’ll need extra staff that not only know how to read the patient’s charts but can accurately convert the documentation into billable codes. 

Billing tends to be the focus of the doctors and hospitals because it’s how they keep their business. If they can’t pay the overhead fees, there’s no way they can do what they need to do: help people. Collain Fusion helps interpret and integrate billing and coding so it’s easier to create the income demanded to continue your practice. 

Find the Right Data Convergence Solution for Your Organization

Switching EHR’s to have one system of record across your organization can be time-consuming and expensive. Before you consider switching off your best of breed solutions within your organization, we encourage you to do everything you can to get more mileage out of your current systems. One way to do that is by incorporating an effective solution like Collain Fusion. 

Collain Fusion offers a complete data convergence that is compliant, integrated, and easily documented. To learn more about our healthcare solutions or to schedule a free demo, contact our team today.