What Could the Wrong EHR Be Costing You?

As a provider, finding the right EHR software solutions for your facility can be frustrating, and working with inefficient software day in and day out can be exhausting, not only for you, but for everyone on your team. Your schedules are packed, your days are busy, and the last thing you and your team need is EHR software that slows you down and stresses you out. 

Common Complaints About EHR Software

Your EHR software is supposed to work for you, not against you. If you’re experiencing these issues like many other providers out there, then it’s likely you’re using the wrong EHR software at your facility. 

High Staff Turnover

Working in the healthcare industry is already hard enough — your staff shouldn’t have to deal with inefficient EHR software on top of it. Each member of your staff should be able to focus on doing their job, and doing it well. That means more time providing care and less time struggling with inefficient  EHR software. If your staff can’t spend their time at work doing what they were actually hired for, and instead are forced to spend it fighting with EHR software, they’ll eventually get tired of it and move on, leaving you in a rush to find a replacement… and the cycle will continue.

Diminished Referrals

When patients are getting high-quality care from happy staff, everyone will know about it. That’s because staff, patients, and patients’ loved ones will all spread the word about how great your facility is, without you even asking! But if your staff is constantly being slowed down and feeling stressed out because of inefficient EHR software, it’s going to show in the quality of care being provided to patients. When your staff is unhappy or having a rough time while trying to do their job, it’s obvious, and inefficient EHR software is often the culprit. This leads to fewer referrals for your facility because people won’t be recommending it; instead, they might be warning others away from it. 

Minimized Revenue

Inefficient EHR software is not on your side when it comes to collecting all the revenue that you’ve earned. Slow and inefficient EHR software prevents your staff from documenting all patient information that should be on file, which will leave you with much less money than you’re eligible to collect. At the end of the day, you know you’re using the wrong EHR software if your staff is unable to make note of everything they should at no fault of their own, resulting in you leaving money on the table that you’ll probably never see. 

The True Cost of Inefficient EHR Software

As a provider, you know that EHR software solutions are critical to your success. Without it, you’d have a hard time managing your day-to-day operations and handling important administrative and billing functions via integrated practice management software. 

But if you’re relying on the wrong EHR software, it’s going to cost you three things:

  • Your staff
  • Your referrals
  • Your earned revenue

Your EHR software shouldn’t leave you stuck with high staff turnover, diminished referrals, and minimized revenue. Fortunately, when you invest in EHR software solutions that are designed to work for you, you can retain your staff, increase your referrals, and improve your revenue. 

Get Good EHR Software Solutions  

At Collain Healthcare, we know what it’s like to be stuck working with EHR software that lets you down. Our innovative EHR software is built to improve your workflow, enhance your care, and boost your productivity for a happier, more successful facility. Schedule a demo today to get started with innovative long-term and post-acute EHR software solutions that will transform the way you work.