Clinical and financial data and records management are a significant part of running an efficient healthcare system. Healthcare facilities need a records management system that does more than capture, store, and protect patient data.

Converging healthcare data on a single platform enables access to patient records from different points of care. Authorized users can pull the patient’s data from any department without the need to make calls or request for files, lab test results, or x-rays. The system avails all relevant information in a single window to help the clinical team make the right calls.

How Data Convergence Helps
Organizations Thrive

Today, many organizations struggle converging timely and relevant clinical and financial data from multiple, disparate systems. Clinicians need access to all patient history and current information to provide the best possible care for the patient. From administrators to back-office operations, having clinical and financial data readily available to drive higher reimbursements and improve operational efficiencies.

Organizations are poised to quickly respond to surveys, rejected claims, and litigation. Fusion is specially built to facilitate sharing of medical records and information between healthcare organizations. It allows your facility to collect data from clinicians attending to each patient in your facility.

Fusion is purpose built to provide insights into your healthcare system’s clinical and financial data. Fusion can facilitate the transfer of data to keep your systems in sync. Fusion’s evidence based rule engine provides decision support to clinicians to drive better outcomes. Fusion’s financial reports provide deeper insights into performance and margin improvements.

Converging data in near real-time from specialists, laboratories, pharmacies, imaging facilities, workplace clinics, and emergency facilities helps drive better outcomes.

This data convergence is highly beneficial and results in:


Visibility into a more comprehensive set of data if needed.


Reimbursements improve due to better outcomes, as an example. Margins improve (quantum report).


Fusion rules engine can send alerts. Think patient tracking, vitals, and risk mitigation due to its predictive nature.

The Benefits of Data Convergence & Insights Solutions

A solution’s interoperability refers to the ease of sharing healthcare information and medical records from one system or provider to another. Creating a central repository for your digital data and allowing input from other healthcare providers is highly beneficial to your healthcare facility.
Healthcare facilities can apply decision support and predictive analytics to patient data and medical history to determine the critical intervention stage in various treatment regimes. Data analytics also help identify risk factors that impede service delivery or drag outpatient recovery quickly and institute corrective measures.
Attending physicians need a patient’s detailed history to make informed care and treatment decisions. Decision support tools and systems help the clinical teams simplify routine tasks, identify potential problems and alternative solutions. Clinical decision support improves patient outcomes and helps health facilities provide superior health care.
Leverage FHIR to enable flawless deployment of patient data across your healthcare system. Patients can seek treatment at any of your health facilities, and the attending clinical team uses their medical history to inform the treatment options.
Electronic records lend themselves to data analysis to reveal trends and patterns. The results can offer insights into your facility’s efficiency and zero in on the specifics. You can amplify your strengths and shore up the weak areas. Financial analytics can optimize revenue generation, create new revenue streams, and identify loss-making entities.
Present a patient’s medical and treatment history in a single view. The clinical team can reference information to determine the best treatment plan and gauge efficacy. Tracking a patient’s progress helps to eliminate ineffective treatment options.
Fusion combines clinical and financial data into a unified set by facilitating exchange and convergence. The clinical team has access to the patient’s medical history, previous treatments, x-rays, lab results, and more. The data serves as decision support tools to inform their treatment options and recommendations. Data integration allows health facilities to organize and analyze their data. They can also identify effective preventive strategies, eliminate inefficiencies, and expose fraud.
Fusion is a central repository for all healthcare data, including clinical and financial information. Healthcare providers can apply powerful data analytics to both the clinical and financial data. Analyzing these data offers deep insights into your facility’s financial health, clinical performance, and capabilities. It allows you to make clinical and management decisions backed by hard data.

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Efficient patient data management in a healthcare facility is essential to providing excellent services, improving patient outcomes, and profitability.

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